• Jessica Fisher

Filming Chamber Theatre's "Encore!!"

Chamber Theatre, the company I toured with in 2019, asked me to reprise my roles for the filmed version of Encore!! I flew to New Jersey to quarantine for ten days before driving to Boston for the shoot. Four covid tests later, we were good to film!

I had the privilege of playing all of my roles again, including:

(Madame Forestier in The Necklace, shot at The Gibson House in Boston)

(Mrs. White in The Monkey's Paw)

(Narrator in The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County)

(The Narrator in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, filmed at The Faulkner Homestead in Acton!)

It was a blast and a privilege to say the least. I am beyond grateful to have worked on a film during this uncertain time.

And what a wonderful team to work with!

(L to R: Katrien Van Riel, Jordan Palmer, Will Poost, Xavier Michael, Matt Iannantuoni, Ashlynn Frank, and Nicholas Mayhugh. Produced by Spring Sirkin.)

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