Published May 2019

Rules for Coming Out...

It is senior year of winter break 2015, and best friends Lauren and Liam are parked in cars roughly 13 miles from each other. Liam calls Lauren frantically because he has a crush on a boy, which is new. These two 17-year-olds frantically discuss sexuality, family, relationships, all while grappling with their own imperfect friendship. *Perfect for virtual performance, as it is set over the phone*

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O.W. Publishing

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In Development

Scrambled Eggs

It is 1949, and Whitney feels isolated. James thinks Whitney is unwell. Doris is a is Maggie. Maggie is pregnant and anxious. Frank doesn't know how to help her. Richard has PTSD from the war and drinks too much. Helen doesn't know how to help him either. Doctor Walter Freeman II claims that he has a solution.

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Not Yet Available

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Premiered November 2020

The Best Babysitter

Corrine is a 17-year-old religious, hardworking girl living in 2010 Colorado Springs. Veronica used to be Corrine's babysitter, but is now a 27-year-old drug dealer. Corrine orders ritalin for studying and Veronica is the deliverer. It's an unexpected reunion that leads to plenty of discoveries. This play is about queerness, relationships, growing up, sex, imagination, and loneliness.



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Premiered January 2020

Imagined Dialogs

​Louisa spends her evenings pretending she isn’t all alone: imagining the conversations she should, could, and would have with the men in her life who are currently inaccessible.​



Black Minimalist Family Reunion Group T-

Premiered July 2019

Couzinz Club!!!

Three cousins who are probably too old to have to sleep in the Kids Room talk family, growing up, divorce, and booze in their grandma's attic. 



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Developed in 2017

Cards! Let's Play Cards.

James and Whitney are married and they have just returned from Whitney's ex husband's funeral. Whitney is depressed, James wants to help.