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My Voice, Your Story

Corny right? Lol

I've been working in voiceover since 2020, and my career has absolutely exploded. I've completed over 1.7K projects in my at-home studio. My high profile clients include:

The Pet Collective's Crazy Fun Time Pet Countdown

Plato's Closet

Southwest University

Maybelline Vietnam

The Idaho Department of Mental Health and Wellness

Here's my current reel

My recent reel includes more professional, commercial voices.

Here's the newest project I'm excited about

This is a indie video game that went viral! I've found at least fifty youtube play-through's so far. Many of the comments compliment my voice acting. One of my goals for 2023 is more Video Game voiceovers!

I'm also a podcast host!

I work as the voice of GZM Shows, a Kids and Family Podcast Network. I'm the host of GZM Rewind, {Podcast Title Pending}, and Iowa Chapman and the Last Dog: Educator's Version as well as all internal ads.

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